Enterprise Product Development

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Enterprise Product Development

Aether is engaged in Enterprise Product Development in specialized domains viz. "Core Banking", “FinTech”, "Lending" and "Sales Automation".

Outsourced Product Development

Outsourced Product Development methodology has matured in other industry like Manufacturing, in software industry, organizations are at different maturity level. We at Aether based on the client's capability and maturity level, engage with them in one of the below modes

Module / Product Development

Based on the core skill of client and Aether, we partner with client to build the product/application. We take on everything from a singular module development to multiple module development to the entire product development.


Product organizations need right direction, speed and accuracy for success. Established product organizations and start-ups needs to regularly focus on these aspects. Aether works with product organizations to achieve the goals.

Complimentary System Development

In today's complex world, a product needs to interact with numerous other software applications. While client focuses on their main product, Aether partners to develop other product/application and integration with client's product.

Expertise in Nutshell


For last 15 years+, Aether is working on various products. These products are being used by the businesses. Aether takes care of various aspects of product lifecycle start from conceptualization stage.


Core Banking, FinTech, Lending, Sales Automation


Contemporary web and mobile technologies. Web technologies are predominantly Java and Python based. Mobile is cross platform native apps, mostly using Flutter.

Bespoke Software Development

Considering business scenario and options available like COTS, Bespoke and Hybrid, we at Aether have expertise in selection mechanism and guide you to the right selection. Aether has rich experience in bespoke system development in building enterprise and mobile applications.

Expertise in Nutshell

Business Purpose Mobile Apps

Enterprise Applications

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